Lyrics-Vegas Do It Right

Vegas: Do It Right

Two short days in Las Vegas

Yeah the shirt is tight

I’m meetin’ up with 5 girls

Margarita on my mind

When one girl said she’s going in for the night

I’m like, “Here in Vegas, you ought to do it right”

We go for it at 10:30

Crack a morning beer

Win a fortune and roulette

There’s no other place like here

When my luck runs out, I go out

Dancin all night

And since I’m in Vegas,

I’m gonna do it right


Do it right

Do it right

Since you’re going to Vegas,

You ought to to it right

Do it right, come on

Do it right

Since you’re going to Vegas, you may as well do it right

And all in all, I’m not ashamed of what I’ve become

Thrill seeking, pleasure drinking

Till the morning sun

I practice my best manners every other night

Damn I’m in Vegas

I’m gonna do it right

My girl hits the jackpot in the game of love

He wants to marry her in a chapel he knows of

I guess some people believe in love at first sight

And since they’re in Vegas, they’re gonna do it right


Folks they know

Straight back at home

That I’m the kind of girl

Who tends to do it nice

But it’s a long haul out here to Vegas

So this time, I’m gonna do it right



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