Lyrics-Spell of the Light Pink Pearl

Spell of of the Light Pink Pearl

The way you’re treating me

I’ve been dressing up ridiculously

He wants someone that I’m trying to be

Trying to be, trying to be

Scratches and itches

I know it’s a bit too much

I’m sanding down the edge

Cause I don’t want to turn a head

I got tables to make again

Ill make it again, then how about again?

Mail in prescriptions

When nothing it all too much

In a paisley dress

Powder and make up, now

You can pick me up

I’ve been nothing but myself

Since you have cast

The Spell of the Light Pink Pearl

Ladies acting sensibly

I would look at all suspiciously

Now I wonder who they wanted to please

Wanted to please, wanted to please

Shaking and baking

You might want to put me down





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